Vision & Team

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We are the first organization to offer accommodation in a private atmosphere on a canal or river. Our offer includes travelling with a private captain and his boat in the form of holidays. Further offers depend on the boat and its crew.

Today on the Rhine
Tomorrow in France and Germany
In 10 years all over Europe
We connect and arrange all available boat cabins on one platform.

The booked part of the trip can be different on various boats and at different times of the day, so each trip is individual and unique.

Do you want to be part of BoB ?

Whether as a guest or as a captain with a boat, then visit our page "Registration"

do you just want to "browse" something ? Then please visit our page "Search boats". With a click on a ship on the "map", you can see the boat details.

Organization of BoB:

Tinu: Management and marketing
Isa: Financial and controlling
Lukas: Development of the booking platform

Bed on Boat GmbH
Chloster 1
CH-8914 Aeugstertal
Tel. +41 (0) 79 501 43 58

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